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Allen Bradley Panelview 1000 Rev B LED Backlight


At Monitech, we have identified key issues with the Allen Bradley 1000. From overheating to melting, cracked screens to failed panels, we have seen all of the issues. We have a range of replacement parts to deal with every issue we come across. Monitech supplies the highest quality parts, to ensure your downtime is kept to a minimum. Replace a few parts, and your dim screen will be perfectly readable again in minutes!


Allen Bradley Panelview 1000 Rev B

Panelview 1000 Rev B

Panelview 1000 Backlight

The stock backlighting in an AB Panelview 1000 (Rev B) is simply a few CCFL fluorescent bulbs that are very fragile and can easily fail. At Monitech, we have created an LED backlight replacement that mounts in the same location as the stock backlight bulb- an easy installation that will get your AB Panelview 1000 (Rev B) up and running in a short amount of time! The OEM part number 2711-NL4 correspond to the following Monitech parts:
1000 LED Back Light Sheet – MB1000LED  Rev B only
For all other Rev see MB1000LEDS
We keep many of these parts in stock at all times, and as such, we can ship an order out the same day an order is placed!